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Stop public gatherings, Archbishop Muheria tells politicians

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Interfaith Council Chairman Archbishop Anthony Muheria has called upon politicians to refrain from holding political rallies in public and places of worship as the country continues to record increased Covid-19 infections.

Muheria said despite the roll out of vaccination across the country there is still need to observe the Ministry of Health guidelines on Covid-19.

“Politicians are still holding impromptu political rallies where their supporters attend without masks and with the highest risk of infection. Even if we are vaccinated it important to note that it does not mean you cannot get Covid-19.” He stated

“In my backyard in Nyeri we have seen the number of deaths being so high that the coffins cannot supply enough for all the funerals we are having.” He added

The Nyeri Archbishop called out politicians who attend church services to gain political mileage by addressing the congregation.

“The Catholic Church has said it very clearly that we will not allow politicians to speak in our churches. If you are coming to pray in our churches, you are welcome and sit like any other ordinary Christian and do not expect to address people in our churches. Politicians have a place to come and pray but have no place to speak in our churches.” He said

Muheria urged politicians to adapt modern means of campaigning without bringing huge crowds of people together which act as Covid-19 super spreader events.

“They can use more modern means of campaigning; the media, TV, Radios like they did in the United States without necessarily bring those crowds of people together during this dangerous times, for the love of the people that they hope to lead.” Muheria stated

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