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Seidel Foundation launch the Badilico Digital platform

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Millennials Speak in partnership with Hanns Seidel Foundation has finally launched the Badilico Digital platform, which is a gamification platform set to help in the identification of politics, and good leadership and address the problem of youth dis-trust and political resistance, to keep the millennials in touch with most of the leaders.

Speaking during the launch, Ngatia Muhoya the CEO and the lead founder of the platform termed the step as which aims to unite the political forums.” The platform aims to be the premium platform that unites us and the leaders in Kenya. We hold the demographic advantage. ” Ngatia Muhoya said.

The CEO further states that the platform stands to expose youths positively and represents it to be the platform of youths making them leaders of today. “We are the leaders of today. We must ask our partner to our but how do we do this is a question. Maybe riots on the streets, posted on social media, how we organize ourselves.” Ngatia said.

Ngatia however states that those attending live equipped with the knowledge about the design and development of as they were engaged with the best strategies to explore, to achieve the overall objective of practically engaging the youth in the political decision-making process impressed by people to see I just like pulled back to purple on my part.

The lead founder insists that small business enterprises stand a better chance to benefit from the technology. “Simple the social enterprise initiative based in Nairobi, Kenya, seeks to bridge the gap between decision-makers through the use of technology working towards promoting the spirit of democracy in our country. ” CEO states.

Ngatia reveals that politicians have launched their applications set to create awareness amongst youth agendas. “Someone wise once said, We cannot build for the youth. What are you concerned about politics have launched an application meant to create awareness amongst youth issues. We’ve got some information uncovering the truth.” Ngatia said.

Ngatia has however stated that it is time for the youths to come out in large forums to liberate Kenya and through promoting hope and make the realization of a dream. “If we hold the democratic advantage, we are the leaders of today. We must ask for power as the question. Do we run out on the streets posted on social media? How do we even organize ourselves? ” Ngatia Muhoya, CEO said.

Finally, Ngatia says that youths have an idea and be allowed to showcase their moments “We have an idea. An idea that will reach four corners of Kenya, one that will liberate, give them hope, and allow them to believe 80 of their dreams once more, and best of all, it’s green” Ngatia said.

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