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‘No rest’ Approach Towards 30% National Tree cover

As much as Agriculture remains the backbone of the Kenyan Economy, all citizens need to create an environment that favours it to improve food security. One way of doing that is by growing trees to ensure sufficient rainfall, cooled environment and...

Environment and Climate, Environment Developments

Pursuing 30% National Tree cover by the year 2032

In the partial experience of the negative effects of climate change, mass tree growing is being heavily campaigned for by the current government. Trees play a vital role in reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by absorbing and storing carbon...

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Kimathi Foundation tree planting at Mariakani at Garrison with Kenya defense forces

On Friday 28th April 2023,Dedan Kimathi Foundation (DKF) and Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) started an environmental conservation journey towards Mariakani Garisson Forestation. The Foundation committed to donate the required 100,000 tree seedlings...